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Kim Webster MBA
Kim Webster, MBA

Since 2006, Kim Webster has helped clients become stronger, more effective business leaders. Founded as Hinton Consulting Group and transitioned into Webster’s Wealth Management Solutions, we provide solutions you trust.  We take care of the operations of your business, so that you can do what you love.  


Kim is a business strategist, experienced speaker and entrepreneur who uses her business acumen to develop innovative solutions to amass social capital to address social and economic challenges for organizations.  She is a dynamic, diverse and results-oriented entrepreneur with a strong track record in developing and implementing various community and business initiatives using corporate business strategies all over the country. She utilizes her keen analysis and insights and team approach to facilitate change. 


As an experienced speaker and trainer, she worked with thousands law enforcement officials, community leaders, school administrators and government officials across the nation on issues around community policing and other social issues that impede the growth of communities.  This includes governance, advocacy, effective evaluation, collaborations and conflict management.


As the Principal of WWMS, her clients hire her to help them create and execute  financial and operational strategies that aligns with their goals.  She has over twenty years of executive management experience working for multi-million dollar domestic and international corporations as well as nongovernmental organizations in the areas of finance and administration, operations, governance, strategic development and management, stakeholder relations and training and technical assistance. 


Kim has a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, and certifications in training, community development, and finance related fields.  She has a passion working with female executives, domestic and international nonprofit organizations and SME businesses. She is someone you can trust to be your business partner.




 Webster's Wealth Management Solutions

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